Amazing Program but NEED option to change eye color for detected faces

I’d like the ability to choose eye color for specific detected faces! (In gigapixel as well as the other model too)

I’m remastering some old pictures and their eye color is totally wrong, I’d just love to be able to specify eye color for a person that’s all. No other change to the algorithm ya’ll are using really.

That’s my biggest gripe


It actually changes eye color you can see in the source it got the eye color wrong, I think it is the color coming from training library and discarding eye from source, it should restore the coloring. It is not just eyes it seems to also red push skin assuming the photo must be faded rather than that is the persons skin color (AIs are well known for having racial bias). Likewise lip colors and makeup have gender bias

I think manually recoloring should be left for a photo editor program though.

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I’ll say that I don’t have a lot of photo editing skills and just mostly use the program to restore photos. So having an optional feature to turn on or off “recoloring” would be cool

But as you said source color should be untouched.

A recolor toggle makes sense, maybe you have generated a demon face then you want to keep the red eye, but if it is an old flash photo then it should hallucinate eye color to replace red eye. That at least gives an opt out of AI biased “enhancements”

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