Amazing products!

Hello, I’m new here and would like to take some time to say this. I had an opportunity to try Topaz photo ai products last month, and immediately downloaded the demos at home. Been playing around with the different features to familiarize me with the softwares. I had a photo shoot last month and it was great… the only problem is I didn’t know this beforehand, but the photographer didn’t know how to set his ISO correctly. My photos had a lot of grains trying to fix my photos with Photoshop proved a failure. On top of that, he’s not using the right lens with its camera so almost all his photos have distortion, fun time to fix all this.

Anyway, I’m gonna get the three apps bundle for sure, I’m really amazed at the results. This leads me to a suggestion/question. I think Topaz should take the Davinci Resolve route and create a full image manipulation/editing and even a digital art program. I think Adobe need more viable competitors, they already lost me over Premiere with Davinci Resolve and they would lose me with this as well. I don’t know if Topaz would use the same business model, but I think they have the tools and knowledge to create a powerful editing software.