Already bought Gigapixel AI & now need to buy Sharpen AI, Where can I buy ONLY Sharpen AI?

Already bought Gigapixel AI & now need to buy Sharpen AI, Where can I buy ONLY Sharpen AI? Few months ago I remember that you could buy Sharpen AI, now I can´t seem to find where that is and there is only the PHOTO AI Buy button but I don’t need that cause I already have Gigapixel.
Thank you

If you scroll down on the products page it’s there.

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Here’s a link

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Yeah With the link it takes me to the “buy PHOTO AI for only $199” but I already have Gigapix and I don’t need Denoise, It seems that there is no chance to buy ONLY Denoise/Sharpen can someone please confirm?

Correct, look at the top of the page and hit the download link, scroll down a bit and wallah, Sharpen is there for you.

Download for Mac or Windows, your choice.

Notice that the BUY BUTTON is missing from Denoise and Sharpen and the phrase Now in Photo AI appears. It looks like those two apps are now only available in Photo AI. That program, unlike Sharpen, Gigapixel and Denoise stand-alones, has system requirements beyond my equipment. Therefore I can’t use them. They lost a sale. If I ran the company, I’d have a long talk with the head of marketing.

You can purchase Denoise here:

And Sharpen here:

Those links both only enable you to buy Photo AI - Denoise AI and Sharpen AI are no longer available for purchase except within Photo AI.

Kind of a bait and switch Paul since I didn’t hit buy links to see that they take you to TPAI.

Really should remove those links if they are no longer available individually, it misrepresents the product for which they are linked.

And please explain why they can still be downloaded if you can’t purchase them once downloaded?

People who own them may want to download them e.g. if they need to reinstall them or put them on a new computer. It’s possible to download all the old Topaz apps.

OK but what about the false links to another product. Most would call that false advertising.

You’ll need to take that up with Topaz - I’m just a user like yourself. But the buy links both actually say “Buy Photo AI” - they don’t say “Buy DeNoise” or “Buy Sharpen”.

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Your statement is untrue Paul. Here are the links for the “Individual apps” which clearly state Individual Apps on the upper left hand corner. This takes you to a page for that application, there is where the bait and switch begins.

If the individual applications are not available then there should be no link for the Individual applications. There is no better way to describe it other than shady!

I’m not prepared to argue with you about it. Take it up with Topaz.

I’m not arguing with you Paul I am simply stating the facts, there really is no way to argue what is apparent on the Topaz website and what is in reality the truth.

Take it up with Topaz. Last warning.

Last warning, interesting way to handle moderating the site. Someone isn’t insulting, profane or belligerent and you threaten them… as a community leader.

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This is one of the screens you linked to in the post I replied to:

Notice the buying link says “Buy Photo AI for $199” proving that my statement wasn’t untrue. The other screen linked to in the same post says the same. The fact that you have now produced a different screen doesn’t make my statement untrue.

I’ve asked you politely three times to take it up with Topaz because I’m not interested in discussing it with you - I can’t speak on behalf of Topaz. Now please leave it alone.

Well Paul if you continue to defend the bait and switch that is your option.

The fact is I clicked the link for the individual application on the page I posted believing that the links were as advertised and copy and pasted the link to assist someone that asked a question.

I didn’t read further to see that the link in reality was not to the advertised application for both Denoise and Sharpen, why would I, one would believe that it is as advertised based on the content of the previous page.

Bait and switch is a morally suspect sales tactic that lures customers in with specific claims about the quality or low prices on items that turn out to be unavailable in order to upsell them on a similar, pricier item.

And this is the Topaz community so I posted a response as I am taking it up with Topaz, right here, this is their community unless I am mistaken.

If you think it is appropriate to threaten a customer that owns four of their products plus renewal have at it. If you believe you can bully someone for speaking facts have at it, there is nothing I can do but respond.

I haven’t defended it - in fact I’ve refused to discuss it at all.

This is a user to user forum - you need to contact Topaz on their main site -

All I’ve done is correct some misinformation in your posts that I’m happy to accept were genuine mistakes, and defend the accuracy of my statement (which was about your post - nothing to do with bait and switch). I think it’s appropriate to ask a disgruntled user to take the matter up in the correct place - I don’t think it’s appropriate for any user to accuse me of lying and put words in my mouth (i.e. defending bait and switch - which, as I’ve already stated, I didn’t do). I think it’s appropriate to ask somebody not to repeatedly come back argumentatively (flaming) when I’ve asked them not to.