Aloe Flower

While out walking came across this Aloe flower in full bloom. I created the image with my Lumix pocket camera ZS50
ISO 400
28.7 mm at
f 5.6 at 1/200 sec.
Post was done in LR and Topaz Studio. I also did a conversion to B&W in Topaz Studio and B&W Effects.
CC’s welcome.


Very nice result …

Looks good, like a big red firework

Aloe-Aloe that’s a great macro

Actually, a close up following post as it was shot through a fence with a reasonably wide angle lens.

Very nice work, image does look very natural! I especially like the colors.

Wow, I didn’t know Aloe’s had blooms like that. We have several plants in the house but they have never produced blooms.

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Stunning image …

Thank you Kenneth…while the in camera colors were there Topaz Studio provided the tools to really bring them out.

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Kathy, to be honest with you we have some blossoms that are similar in our garden but I had never seen something this munificent. Neither my wife, who is a real green thumb, nor I, who deeply appreciates the majesty of plants and flowers but know little about them, could identify this flower. An image search on Google, a first for me, yield this identity.


Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I am still learning Topaz Studio but I am so enthusiastic with what it can help me achieve.

Here si the B&W conversion I did in both TS and B&W effects. Again, thoughts, comments are always welcome.