Almost organic

I hit it with a little posterize, captured with Fuji X20. Thats a crazy little camera.


Great macro. Adjustment to a wrench?

thanks Michigander, now I scared to use it. It may come alive

Nice capture and details …

Thanks BobKramer

Nice picture, kind of unsettling

Very sharp…nice shooting.

C’mon now - fess up - - what is it? :slight_smile:

I rested the barrel of the X20 right on the wrench, focused on the guts of the worm. The posterize took it to a whole different level.
Shot Jpeg not RAW
processed Affinity photo 1.66
Exposure 1/14
Aperture 8
ISO 1600

why is it upsetting, is it the organic part? I was hoping we all inspired each other with arts in a happy way.

I did not say ‘upsetting’, I said ‘unsettling’. I presumed that it was your intention to produce an image that challenged the preconception of what the content might be, certainly the title seemed to convey this. It was a compliment.

thanks, sorry for the misread, deception itself is a form of art, certainly when we introduce the visual element. lots of nice work you have here by the way.

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