Allow PhotoAi and all other Topaz App to process for specific manual selection

As Cinema 4D App it could be great to allow Topaz engine and AI to process a specific area manually selected and and render by tile . In this way the preview takes less time and if a manual correction is needed, we don’t have to wait 2 to 3 minutes or more for the process to finish.
(Because sometimes only the faces or part of the photo needs improvement. We know by default that the saved image will be enhanced, so it is not necessary to preview the whole image.)

It would be nice if for a normal preview it was done on the whole picture even if it is zoomed and that this preview was cached to be able to move and zoom on the processed image without the processing starting again.
Also this preview cached and validated by me would be used for the backup instead of redoing the processing during the latter.

Photo AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI only process the screen previews using what is in view. It shouldn’t take 2-3 minutes every time.

If you have DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI go to the Help menu, select Graphics info., press Copy and paste here.

Is there a way to manually correct only certain parts of an Image. I noticed that Topaz AI over sharpens some areas leaving unnatural looking things, such as were there are tiny circles, it looks like little blocks, even when I reduce the sliders to 1. So it would be nice to have some control over this. Both in denoise and sharpen.

All apps have masking that you can use to exclude the operation from unselected areas.

Thanks for responding. Is there a video or instructions on how to use these mask? I did see the video that opened with the program but are there others with advanced use options? Thanks!

You just need to search on google etc. Here is one explaining how to mask in DeNoise AI … remember that areas without the mask with the red overlay will not be processed …

Masking in Photo AI is not the same as in the other 2 applications, just try it to get familiar.

I am working in Photo AI. I dont have the other two and was advised they were going away, with AI replacing them. I do not see a brush tool in AI? … so how does masking work in AI? Thanks again

Have you tried searching on the internet … lots of them out there including this…

Great, thanks for pointing in the right direction. I did search and thats why I ended up here to reduce the search down among the many. Tks again