Allow JPEGtoRAW to open PNG source files


Since all modern web-sites and cameras/smartphones save JPEGs at rather high quality there is little use for JPEGtoRAW for current images. One area where images do still suffer from compression artifacts is PDF files, though.

Unfortunately my favorite PDF software exports images as PNG files (makes sense to keep them lossless). So in order for me to send these through JPEGtoRAW I first have to convert them to JPEG, which is an extra step and may lead to additional compression artifacts.

Allowing JPEGtoRAW to open PNG files would make things a lot easier for me.


Is there any chance that we could get this small update? I assume that the current limitation of only allowing JPEG files is rather an internal filter setting rather than a real limitation of the software?!

Yes please! I often end up converting PNG to JPG just so I can run it through JPEGtoRAW.

The benefit even on high quality files is to increase the bit depth.

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