Allow defaults in Topaz Studio and Adjust

When I launch Studio and Adjust, I would like them to come up with the preset or affect I specify by default.

Why? Because in most cases, this is the starting point I prefer if I am using the program. And, more importantly, when I have an action I run in Photoshop which calls upon Studio or Adjust, this is the preset I want them to use.

When I go in to run the script, I find that I need to launch Studio and Adjust first and apply the preset or affect I want. After that, the script runs fine.

So, after I have created my preset or affect, how can I set that to be the default setting when Studio or Adjust are launched from the PS filter menu.

Thank you for your attention.

Is it possible to set up default settings in either of these applications?

There is no way to set a preset/effect as a default in either of those applications. The way you are doing it is the correct way.

I will move this to product feature requests.

Sad it isn’t already there, but I do appreciate the quick response and hope it finds its way into the applications soon :smile:

So, any progress on this front?

Agreed! We should have this!