All Topaz products hang on loading using Nvidia card


I have several Topaz products all used to work. Many months ago they suddenly stopped loading. This has been traced to using the inbuilt Nvidia GEForce 940MX in a HP Pavilion notebook. I have waited for a new driver from Nvidia which I have now installed, no change,

The software works if I use the inbuilt Intel GPU which is painfully slow. I I try to use the fast graphics card it hangs. HP and Nvidia say its not a problem at their end. This problem only affects Topaz software. Its something in Topaz that’s causing the problem.

I have DeNoise, Ai Sharpen and Studio software.

If i want to buy another laptop how will i know if the HW configuration will work with Topaz and for how long?

I have many types of editing software, Adobe LR, PS and Luminer AI, DxOPhotolabs, NIK these all work without problem.

If you go to the support pages on the main website or use Google to search for the “ system requirements”, just substitute the product name e.g. sharpen AI or DeNoise AI, you should find the minimum, recommended and optimal system requirements.

You have misunderstood my problem. I machine was well within spec, then after Topaz issued an update ALL Topaz software stopped working. On Topaz softwear all modules fail. No other product has a problem. If I buy another machine how can I live with the fact that Topaz may render my system unusable without notice.

What is the driver version for the GTX940M you have installed? Should be v461.40.

How much vRAM is installed for the GPU?

What is your inbuilt GPU?

If you need to find the information search for dxdiag in the search box, run that, save the information and upload here. If you are not able to upload post it on a file sharing site and post the link here.

Here is the link to the fileshare Dropbox - Share - Simplify your life

Are you sure that the GPU is allocated under the Windows, Settings, Graphics Settings like this, and you have calibrated each of the applications from their preferences as with the i7 it should choose the OpenVINO instead of the GPU?

For example, in my case I have an i7 with a GTX1050 & 4GB and it chooses this:


It will ONLY choose the GPU if it is faster.

Yes, I have the similar options to select the Nvidia 940MX as the preferred option. When I choose NO Topaz software will load. If I disable the card in Device Manager all the Topaz software works but very slowly.

The modules used to work fine until the middle of 2020 and a slew of upgrades came through. Since then they do not work. Both Nvidia and HP have looked at this problem and both point their fingers at Topaz as all my other software works, Adobe, Luminer, DxOphotolabs, ACD ayatems they work with the Nvidia 940mx.

If you have ‘calibrated’ all the apps whenever they have updated and they don’t load now then you will need to raise a support request at the main website.

Make sure you include the replies from NVIDIA & HP where they believe Topaz software is the problem. Also it makes no sense to compare the AI apps processing the applications you mentioned, they do not operate in the same way.

Also there are applications that cause problems such as NVIDIA Surround, Riva Tuner, Fast Picture Viewer CODEC Pack, D3DGear and Duet Display as well as some Registry Cleaners. I would look at any utilities you have also installed recently.

FYI I also use a HP notebook with16GB RAM, Intel HD 630 and GTX1050/4GB and have no issues.