All Topaz apps quitting suddenly

I bought the Topaz suite a couple weeks ago to get Photo AI. For the first week or so it worked extremely well with only one or two small hiccups. But today, Photo AI, and all the Topaz apps, quit within a few seconds of being opened up. Since the only known change to my system is the installation of Adobe DNG Converter, I deleted it and all its associated files, restarted the Mac, updated Photo AI (I didn’t notice the available update at first), and Photo AI is once again working fine. So far. I’m leaving this here in case it may be of help to someone else. I’ll refrain from badmouthing Adobe.

Same with me and all of my Topaz products since installing PhotoAI. I assumed that it was probably a bug in the latest Ventura beta I had also installed. But maybe not. It didn’t help to uninstall all my Topaz apps and reinstall Denoise, which still promptly quits after starting.

I thought I had fixed it by deleting DNG Converter, but it still quits. It just takes a little longer. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes, then it abruptly quits.

I reloaded PhotoAI and now it mostly works as long as I just choose denoise and sharpen. Another possible variable in the way is my virus checker, BitDefender, which wants to block Topaz downloads unless I temporarily allow it.

I haven’t reloaded it but I’ve been running it for about half an hour and so far it hasn’t quit. Might be the phase of the moon or the alignment of the planets.

I’m having similar issues after installing Photo AI. I reinstalled AND it still fails. I wanted to use the batch processing of Sharpen, but it looks like I’ll have to suffer through(or maybe uninstall) Photo AI

I left Photo AI running all day yesterday and it never quit. I suspect it’s a conflict with another app or an extension.