Alexa... full power to the engine

Kind of a take on a Star Trek movie where Scottie talks to a computer mouse. :grin:


Loved that movie.

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Better have Siri as a backup …cool work Ron.

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Nice work…

Love the colours!

Great capture and very nice colors and lighting - looks like a lot of fun!

I really like your framing!

You have a bit of halo around the balloon. Was that from a denoise or sharpening process?

Can’t really say what caused it but it didn’t bother me. Might have been from some contrast enhancement.

After having gone to a balloon fest I’m really attuned to images of hot air balloons. Yours is one of the nicer ones I’ve seen. It’s not the same old same old “herd” of balloons taking off. It’s almost a portrait showing the personality of the balloon - I’m a firm believer in trying to convey a personality to inanimate things (even if I’m more or less successful at it when I try…).

@Fotomaker Even though some mass assention photos can look good, I agree with you that great photos usually have their own personality. This one balloon seems to be stuck on the red rock. I’ve got a lot of photos from different perspectives that are unique that you can’t get at most balloon festivals.

I went back and removed the halo from this one. Ron

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