AI video product 2d to 3d side by side

I suggest an AI video product to convert 2d to 3d Half Side By Side using MiDaS 3 AI MIT large model
to convert 2d plus depthmap to stereoscopic HSBS 3d
input 2d video output HSBS 3D video or anaglyph 3d video

sample output i created from MiDaS large model AI Depthmap

How exactly did you do that? Did you convert every picture?
Greetings Stefan

Yes I extracted frame sequence run python midas 3 to create a grayscale depthmap frame sequence created a depthmap video

With ffmpeg combined 2d video with depthmap video then used tridef media player to decode left right stereo view half side by side

Video in realtime recorded it with a 1080p HDMI hardware capture device
And It takes me about 2 to 3 days to convert a 90 minute video from 2d to 3d using Cuda MiDaS 3 with python

But ideally Iā€™d imagine it would be possible to create the depthmap then convert it to right stereo view then step to the next frame so

It progressively builds the final half side by side video decoding the depthmap can be done

As shown by stereo photo maker a free program by Masuji

2d to 3d Demonstration Stereo Photo Maker

Also stereoscopic player can decode 2d plus depthmap in to left right stereoscopic view


Yes this is a great request, please video enhance ai, please consider making a product that has these features. many of us would love to convert our 2d to 3d. the current 2d to 3d converters on the market dont look good.

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This would be a great addion to VEAI.