AI Studio - upgrade to 2.3 is broken


Again issue with Topaz installer:

  • I start Studio 2.2.
  • It asks for upgrade to 2.3. I accept
  • Upgrade completes, I select to run program.
  • It is 2.3
  • Close program
  • Open again, then it is back v2.2 again and asks about upgrade to 2.3 and here the story loops…

To be honest, current ratio of Topaz programs with serious issues on my PC is now 50%…

P.S Extra negative points - clean install creates Start menu icons only for Administrator…

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You are probably installing in a different folder to v2.2 … uninstall v2.2 and create a desktop icon for v2.3

I guess this was the case (installing side-by-side with 2.2 and not touching icons). Completely unexpected for an upgrade.
So, after uninstalling 2.2 and 2.3 and installing 2.3 afresh it works. Except icons were created only for Administrator… Reported a ticket for this.

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Hopefully support can get this sorted out as it isn’t the only issue with Mac installs of the latest version.