AI remix is kinda weird

paid for the pro version and I find it fascinating but I have no idea what I am doing. I can find no details about any of the presets, like what artist it emulates etc. Maybe I missed the details. Maybe you could put out a video about what is behind all this AI Remix stuff and what are the ideas. I used it on a photo of greenery and red flowers and it totally changed it and I couldn’t get the red back in a short period of time. I still like it but don’t have control over it.
below is the after and before. This is from a local desert preserve.


@magicMike… you may want to check out some of the forum posts where other members are posting their AIR images. Some provide more details about the presets they are using and some tips on using AIR and how they get their results.

There are about 3 reference topics on AI Remix on the topaz blog.

Most of us are experimenting with it as well and find that using the mask to bring back some details as well as lowering the opacity of the results help. You also may want to use an HSL color tuning adjustment with it to bring back the red color of the flowers.