AI Remix in Studio v1.13.0

With 28 new AI Remix styles added to the latest Studio update (v1.13.0) I am blown away by how fast processing is when selecting one of them - it is almost instantaneous for me. According to the change log processing takes place in the GPU, while for the existing ones processing is still done by the CPU. Hopefully, at some point the others will be converted for GPU processing as well. Well done Topaz - love the new collection of styles and your work in general!

They are good but a lot of them look the same. Plus I have a problem when selecting them. By the end of process it just sit there until I move the mouse then the picture changes to my selection. This is on all of them.
I don’t know why but for some reason is not completing the process on it’s own.

Love the new Dirty Scrawl! :relaxed: They are faster.

I found this amusing, which I discovered online completely by accident! Obviously a stock photo, but I would like to see actual image previews rather than these kind of unhelpful generic examples.

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Well after I uninstalled the Studio and installed a New Version then it worked. Maybe something happen when was Updating. Now all is OK.

Fast indeed. Loaded easily, and the quick responses from one command to another were obvious.

Used ReMix for this photo taken in Galveston Bay.