AI ReMix - Does It Do All You Claim?

I downloaded Topaz Studio and then AI ReMix. I tried to reproduce one of the effects you display, but couldn’t figure out how. So I sent a message using your help form. Several days later and no response and now your initial 20% discount price special has expired. Nice going guys! I’ve been a customer for years and several times you’ve disappointed me.

I’m not interested in AI Remix at the full price, however I’ve attached the effect you show. How do I get AI ReMix to do it? You have 25 days to answer 'cause then my trial expires.




use what we call the stained glass preset - it is the one on the left in the 10th row of 3 per row - beyond that it is a matter of what % of preset you want to use - for this one I would guess about 30% was used, but don’t know that for a fact

the preset looks like

I am not connected in any way to Topaz Labs - just a fairly serious user

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Okay, the secret was in setting the style strength to maximum! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now to see if Topaz will honor the 20% discount, being as they never replied to my mail. Thanks FlickColeman!


Note that this is a user to user forum.

As this is a user to user forum you are more likely to get a response from the Topaz Labs people by clicking on the Open a Request button at the Help page …

Hi Don,

As I said, I went to the help page and sent Topaz email. They haven’t answered and in the meantime the discount expired.

I received an answer within a couple hours of posting here. I feel Topaz should honor the discount! I only need AI Remix.