AI GigaPixel Resizing issues

Ok, first I love Topaz products, so I bought AI Gigapixel to do some batch resizing by imputing height and with values. Two things have happened.

  1. when I try to load a PNG file to resize, I get the eternal shinning dash circle. I can import a tiff file, but I work in PNG or PSD. I need AI Giga to recognize PNG files.

  2. When I try and resize by height and width with specific values and I do the (resize) and bring it into Photoshop the number do not match my input vales, they are screwed up!

This defeats the “Batch Processing” claim about AI Gigapixel doesn’t it.
Is they a fix for this? I am running a iMac 27. High Serra, AI Giga 2.0
Please help!

  1. Do your PNG files contain transparency/alpha?
  2. Is your input pixel ratio and output pixel ratio the same? If you choose a different aspect ratio for output, then the longest edge will be preserved, with the shortest edge output to match the input aspect ratio

Please bare with me! :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what you are saying.
Maybe this will help:
PNG file, no transparency/alpha, size is:1275 × 825.
I want to resize to: 2600x1800 PNG
What do I do?

Aspect ratio determines the size of the image. If your image is 1:1 at 500 x 500 px, and you choose 1200 x 600 (2:1), you will get a 1200 x 1200 result, because the 1:1 ratio will be preserved. You need to match those ratios to avoid unwanted size output.

1275 x 825px = 17:11 ratio
2600 x 1800px = 13:9 ratio

These don’t match! If you input a 17:11 ratio image, you’ll get a 17:11 ratio output. So, if you choose 2600 x 1800 px to upsample to, you’ll only get the 2600 px wide, with the height being set to the 17:11 ratio value. This would mean your image is resized to 2600 x 1682 px.

##Input image

Aspect Ratio 1275px wide
825px tall 17:11 ratio

##Chosen Settings

Aspect Ratio 2600px wide
1800px tall 13:9 ratio

##Output image

Aspect Ratio 2600px wide
1682px tall 17:11 ratio

As you can see, what I’ve stated here is likely what you’re seeing:

  1. The longest edge (2600) value is preserved
  2. The aspect ratio (17:11) value is preserved

You must use the same aspect ratio to get the image size you’re looking for, when you use exact sizing. Upsampling to another ratio will require either that the image is cropped or distorted to fit the new ratio, which looks terrible either way you go.

Match the ratio, and you’ll do just fine.

Thank you sir!