Ai Gigapixel PR Quits Unexpectadly

I was excited about trying the PR on a jpeg I-Phone image. It started running normally and usddenly it quit. I have attached the info from the crash report if it is useful. My machine info is:

I forgot to attach the file…here goesTOPZ AI Gigapixel PR Crash Report 1 8:23:18.txt (84.0 KB)

This machine isn’t supported. Sorry!

A.I. Gigapixel Requirements

We strongly advise against using A.I. Gigapixel on a mobile Intel GPU, due to the processing demands.

Thanks for the reference to the system requirements. I had no idea. AI Giga Beta has worked slowly but successfully on this very machine with other images. Are you saying that with the PR I wont be able to use on my Mac? I must acknowledge that the other images I had processed in AI Giga were much smaller in the 400-800Kb range. The one which crashed was 1.5 MB. Could this also be a determinant?
All the ore motivation to upgrade my system.

In our testing, we had significant trouble with our own Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. The minimum Intel GPU we could get to work was an Intel HD Graphics 5000 – seems like your experience was likely similar to ours.

If you want to use Gigapixel, you’ll need to either greatly reduce the size of your input image and limit your scaling, or upgrade your system.

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Thanks for the amplified feedback. The system upgrade is in the cross hairs.

Ai gigapixel ran twice (the trial version) and then stopped working all together. Window 10 desktop.
Peter Schilling

Win 10 has had a very poorly configured and major update of late. Can you check your restore points to see if you can restore to before that update - I think it was numbered 1809?!