AI GIgapixel outputs wrong size files

Is it actually possible that AI Gigapixel was released with a known bug that results in the file output by the program having no relationship whatsoever to the size specified by the user? Was this app tested at all? Something so basic should never appear in even an RC (release candidate), much less a final release. How disappointing. The enlarged file actually looks decent, but the program is useless at this stage.

Can you be more specific about the sizing issue that you have encountered?

I indicate one size and the app outputs a different size acc. Preview’s
Inspector. See attached, also sent to Help multiple times.
3000 x 4200 becomes 2805 x 2875.
I was just told this was a known bug - is that possible??

If I am reading your images correctly you are asking the program to change the dimension ratio of your out put, as well as the actual size. Perhaps the program does not know how to do both?

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If that is the case, then it should be mentioned. It is alarming to set specific w/h values and get totally different values on output. It would be good to know what the limitations of the program are…

Problem: Output does not match user-specified input, i.e. user inputs values for W and H and output is other than those. It has been suggested that you cannot change the size of an image and it aspect ratio as well. No mention of that anywhere. Assumed simple “unlocked” resizing potential a la Photoshop resizing where anything goes.

Obviously both of those statements are true. I have almost always done proportional enlargement when I found the need to enlarge an image which is not very often. Maybe one of the Topaz staff, @Heath_Robinson will chime in and give their thoughts and an explanation about this “bug”.

“Feature,” “bug,” - “limitation,” I would say (PS can do it). My photos, especially when cropped, tend not to fit normal frame sizes, and I often need to change size and aspect ratio - very often, in fact.

OK - so here is the answer (bug, in fact).
We’ve identified an error that can orccur with certain options selected that can result in an image not being scaled to the correct size when using inches. We’re working on a fix for this.

The program was toroughly tested and run through months of beta, but a recent hotfix in 1.0.2 caused this issue to surface.

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Okay, I’m sure it’s something I don’t understand or doing wrong. I just increased the size of a photo I cropped to 400% increase. It was a TIFF going in and I had set the program to size and produce a JPEG. Looking at the screenshot did I do something wrong? It produced a TIFF.

You’ve got it set to convert raw files only - so TIFFs, JPEGS etc. will stay in their original format.

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Here’s the before and after shots. The original was shot in RAW + JPEG. I had to change the original to a JPEG to reduce it. The after was cropped from the original and then some dodging and burning was done. Then I used AI Gigapixel to increase the size. Unfortunately I couldn’t put the Gigapixel results here as I had to use Pixelresizer to post.

I knew it was me. Thanks for the help pmeach.

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I am just falling in love with Topaz having been a longtime lover of LightRoom however I have an issue running Studio 2, it freezes when the output file is obviously too large (+35mb) and I really would like to specify the output size to be no larger than xmb. Some of my publishers will not accept images larger than 25mb, can you tell me how to modify this parm? I would love to start using this and if I am satisfied, I will probably stop using Lightroom (after 6 years).


You probably should make this a feature request here>

I have run into sizing issues with Gigapixel AI and it seems totally unpredictable. I have an image that’s 4.1"x6.31" @ 300 dpi and I want to resize it to 8"xwhatever at 300 dpi (simple calculation says it would resize to 8"x12.309" without scaling). Just a simple enlargement is what I want, no change in orientation or proportions or whatever. So I set height to 8" in Gigapixel AI, and I also set width to 12.02" and it generates a result of 7.65"x11.76" @ 300 dpi. There is a calculated dimension in the bottom of the window that shows “12.02"x7.82” if width is selected; 8"x12.32" if height is selected. In any case, if I hit Apply in either case (height or width selected), result is the same.

Once in a while, it gets it right, but it’s very unpredictable.