AI Gigapixel not loading anything

Hi all

I posted this to the support folks four days ago but no response of yet.

I’ve been using AI G for a while now and no issues, quite happy with it. But this past week if I load it, the app launches with a splash screen saying Topaz Gigapixel and not the usual screen. I have very few menu options available to me, a few are greyed out, including Load Image. Those that aren’t greyed out such as Preferences or Update Ownership do nothing.

I have deleted and re-installed but to no avail. Any thoughts?

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Could you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Can you access the File Open dialog from the File menu?

Can you drag a image onto the display area of the application?

Have you had recent OS updates? And what OS are you using?

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Hi Don

File Open is greyed out in the menu bar as I said. No I can’t drag an image on and the regular window doesn’t open, just this screen with the graphic on it.

This is a short screencast of my experience.

I’m on Mojave, 10.10.4

What file are you trying to open?

Maybe if you upload the file here, we can try to test it here,

is it a video file? An image file?

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Ashley, if you look at the flash screen (Windows anyway) the application has not fully opened. because the GigaPixel banner goes away when it opens.

This is it precisely. I never get to load an image or drag one on. The main app window doesn’t open.

TommyW did you by any chance do a upgrade to AI Gigapixel? Or did you update anything else on your computer? Operating system or graphics card driver? If you are on Windows 10 it updates when you shutdown and I had a recent update ~ mar 18 2019.

I’ve had this issue of images not loading or dragging and dropping on win 11 when the path to the picture gets too long or folder names / file names are too long. If you are on windows with long folder or file names, shorten them and see if that helps.

Works everytime for me.