AI Gigapixel - how to save an image to computer

Bought AI Gigapixel yesterday and was hoping to send a photo I took yesterday. I haven’t had the opportunity as of yet to go to the tutorials so am hoping someone can give me an answer here before I do that. I cannot find how to save an image that was processed. Usually it’s a no brainer but nowhere can I find a save option.

Also if someone can suggest the best way to begin to learn AI Gigapixel. There’s not much to learn but I’m a newbie and do have a number of questions.

Thanks so much!

AI Gigapixel is a batch process so you will need to use the Output Name and Location: part of the panel on the right to specify the name and folder where you want the resulting processed image saved.


I think you’ll enjoy working with AI Gigapixel (AIG) and discovering what it can do for you! Both for individual photos and batches of photos…

After you launch AI Gigapixel, look on the right side of the interface. Down towards the bottom there’s a section called “Output”. I’ll attach a couple snips so you can see two different ways of approaching where to save… (1) You can either have your AIG image(s) stored back into the same image folder where your original images are located (see my snip with that box checked on), or (2) You can uncheck that box (yep, another snip attached!) to browse your computer and decide where you want the AIG output to go.

A handy tip I use to make it easier to spot the AIG output files is this: if you look down to the option in that Output box that says “File Suffix” … After the word “output” in the grey box to the right of those words I add a hyphen. Following that hyphen I enter the amount of upsizing I used in AIG. For instance, if I upsize 400%, I’ll doctor that entry to read …-output-400 . That way when I scan down my list of image filenames it’s easier to spot the ones I enlarged with AIG. And, if you want to try different scaling options for a single image then you know which is which. Neat, hunh?

Topaz runs some excellent webinars for free. You may want to get on their mailing list to be notified when they’re being held, so you can register. In the meantime, you can also look at their online archive of past webinars to get some tips from talented experts re: how to use tools like AIG (AI Gigapixel) and the other Topaz filters, plugins and Studio tools.

Check out:

Good luck! Have fun playing around with AIG and the other Topaz Studio adjustments…

Thanks AiDon for your suggestion.

Thanks so much, Fotomaker, for taking the time and effort to respond to my question.
Don’t know if I would have figured that out too easily without help. I just got in so I’ll try it out
tomorrow and see how it goes.

The webinars are excellent, I agree. I’ve been able to attend a few of them but missed
the one on AIG…I’ll hunt it down as I surely should be able to pick up some tidbits to
help me along.

Again, I appreciate your help…a lot!

Save To Source Folder does not seem to work. Only if I specify the source folder using Custom Folder do I see the output file saved to disk.