AI Gigapixel : how to download previous versions?

So new version 1.1.2 is out and I made the update from 1.1.1.
It says the models have been updated for a slightly better results but for some reason I think the older version was giving better results. How do I switch back to version 1.1.1 ? Where can we download the previous versions ?

I would like to know that too, just in case. The downloader system doesn’t allow a choice and I haven’t updated yet to 1.1.2. The change log page should link to the versions listed.


Maybe posting an example would help here.

I just compared with a few photos I was processing just before I made the update. Maybe I haven’t compared with other sets I made before. I just noticed that the image looks a little less sharp in some areas with the same moderate model for example. Or maybe was just the older version oversharpening ? Sharpening can trick and fool the viewer at first view.

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We do not currently provide a previous version option for A.I. Gigapixel. We are investigating methods for enabling previous versions for this product, but we do not have anything to offer, yet. Thanks!

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Version 1.12 is CRASHING all the time - now completely unusable. I also would like the prior version. Extremely frustrated. I have uninstalled and re-installed, ran nothing but AI Gigapixel, but all to no avail. Prior versions ran fine, even with lots of other programs running at the same time. At first 1.12 only crashed a few times, then it got worse and worse.

As I said, uninstalling and re-installing did not help at all.

As the previous version is currently not available, please provide information about your computing environment.

Provide Operating System, RAM, Processor and details of the GPU with its dedicated RAM.

Win 10 32Gb RAM, Dual Xeon, nVidia 980 Ti 8Gb and Quadro M4000 8Gb (HP Z840). Since prior versions never had the crashing problem the problem must be some difference in v 1.12 from all of the prior ones, since my computing environment has not changed.

Thanks for the speedy reply.


I see there is a recent update to the drivers (411.63) for this GPU combination.

I don’t know what GPU you use for GigaPixel but I would think that the 980Ti is the better choice, as the Quadro really is optimised for 3D Modelling.

You can test it by right-clicking and selecting the GPU from the “Run with Graphics Processor” list and see if that makes a difference.

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