AI Gigapixel -Graphics card

I have had problems with AI Gigapixels. I have the minimum requirements.
I just looked at the requirements for this program and now it has a warning about using with NVIDIA GEFORCE.
( Unsupported Graphics Cards - Intel NVIDIA AMD )

Looking at new computer, what graphics cards are supported,

thank you
Susan K

4Gb VRAM is the basic minimum - but 8Gb VRAM is much better!

thank you

Unless you are making very large pictures, 4GB will do. I have 4GB on my GPU and have never had an issue and it should not affect speed. I use and recommend a Radeon RX580 as the best bang for the dollar but if you have the money get the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti.

Now as all of “our” computers will vary but the AIG specs do talk of Min, Recommeded and Optimal

My PC has:-
The nVidia GTX1050Ti 4GB

Now the RAM falls at “recommended” and the GTX 1050Ti 4GB is based on the chipset (1050Ti) falls between Recommended & Optimal.

Therefore I can but surmise that my PC should work more than well with AIG and it does using v3.1.1

Note ~ when I upgraded the Graphics Card I saw a major increase in processing speed compared to the initial graphics card meant I was using CPU not GPU (I reported this improvement on another thread about the nVidia drivers versioning).

I have yet to update to AIG v4 mainly because I have been concerned about the almost beta level issues being raised. Possibly groundless but the one reported about much slower processing in v4 compared v3 puts me off the update for now???

Thanks for the response.
Since it states now that Nvidia Geforce is unsupported, and use CPU only with that graphic card, should I buy NVidia for the new computer (and use CPU) or look at alternates.
Such a dilemma, since NVIDIA is highly recommended for photo post treatment processing.
Thx again

Hi @Sue127

Can you please clarify exactly which nVidia graphics card you have? Why, because I fear you are mis-interpreting the “requirements” page information.

Yes, many of the Intel, nVidia & AMD cards are not supported as was my original nVidia GT610 but there are GeForce cards that are absolutely fine such as my GTX1050Ti 4GB

I surmise you are viewing this page but if you scroll down to the “Graphics Cards Requirements” section and more specifically the “Desktop GPU” part you will see GeForce listed as meeting requirements.

So as you will see to simply state ‘GeForce is unsupported’ is a very general comment and the clickable dropdown of that section lists the chipset models that are unsupported but it does not mean all GeForce are the same…afteral nVidia call all their cards GeForce :wink:

The details are very important and I hope that has helped with your question.

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I have a GeForce 2070 8Gb VRAM - works like a dream!


Ah! if only money was no object :wink:

At £470 compared to £149 for the GTX 1050Ti 4GB sorry to say my choice was a no brainer :slight_smile:

I bought my “computer of a lifetime” - said GeForce GPU, Ryzen 16 Core X2700 CPU, 2 x SSD, 64Gb memory.

Thank you
I took it as not supported and that even with minimum or maximum requirements I would need to use CPU, not GPU. That notice was not there when I bought AIG. I ran it once, then it would not run. Not sure why.
But I want to have a good graphics card with a new computer, so I was seeking advice.
Thanks again

Susan, I gave you good advice and you want to use a good graphics card not the CPU for the Topaz AI products. The two cards I recommended will out perform the GTX 1050 Ti. If you get a totally new computer get a Ryzen 5 2600X CPU and choose one of the two GPUs i recommended. You also should have a SSD ( a NVMe M.2 is best) for your drive. You can get the RX580 with 8GB of VRAM and since prices have dropped in the US, I would recommend the extra memory.

My system is Windows 10 home, Gigabyte Aorus X470 WiFi 5 motherboard, Gigabyte Aorus Radeon RX580 GPU (4GB VRAM), 16GB GDDR4 3000 RAM, 500GB Sata SSD, 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD and 2GB HD.

Thank you

As a result of having an old Asus CG8270 desktop when I upgraded my video card from a 1 GB AMD Radeon HD7770 I was “limited” to a 6 GB Nvidia GTX 1060 card for a couple of reasons:

  • The Asus only had the original 400W power supply and most newer higher VRam cards recommend a much higher rated power supply
  • The Asus only had a 6 pin power connector (used with the original Radeon video card) so that limited my card TDP to 150W or less (maximum of 75W each through the PCI-E motherboard socket and through the 6 pin connector) as most higher performing cards with more Vram and a more powerful GPu required at least a single 8 pin power connector (rated up to 150W); the GTX1060 is rated at 120W TDP
  • AMD cards at “equal” performance to an Nvidia tend to use a lot more power

So in my case the best performing card I could install (without a lot of other hardware upgrades) was an Nvidia based GeForce GTX1060.

The card upgrade cut my file save processing time on AI Gpxl v3 from 3m35s to 53s so performance increased 4X.

You bring up a good point, if an upgrade is made a new power supply may be needed. Should be 600W or more and have the 8 pin GPU connector (usually a 6 + 2 pin). I build my own computers so its easier to select components.

Hi Sue
I just updated my PC graphics card to GTX1050Ti 4GB, much cheaper than buying a new PC. So far I am very happy with the upgrade, no issue with Topaz products

I’ve got an x570 mobo 3900x AMD cpu, RX vega 56 (both cpu and gpu are on clc/aio cooling). My cpu is hitting 70% usage but my gpu barely ramps up clocks, when using media coder and x264 I can see clocks on my gpu higher than I get in games. Is my gpu being fully utilized?

In gigapixel, go to File > Preferences > Advance Preferences. See if you are using the GPU. Mine looks like this for my RX 580 GPU. Open Vino can be set to yes or no but only affects the CPU.

Wow my file processing speed went from 19 seconds a frame to 1 second if that. Thx man!

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hi my pc has 32Gb ram with i7-6700hq and gtx1060 6Gb VRAM,Max VRAM i set medium level ,today i find a error that unable ruan selected modle(ALQ v10) when i am training a 60min video to 4K,i see my VRAM was used more and more,it’s seem VRAM was used exceed 6GB,and train It’s failed,what shoud i do