AI Gigapixel Auto-Update Deosn't Work

When I started AI Gigapixel (v4.4.3) this morning I got the message “new update available.” I clicked yes to install, but nothing happened. Finally, I exited and downloaded the installer (I noticed the file size was different than the one I already had) and it did the uninstall and update to AI Gigapixel 4.4.4.

I’m having the same problem with the in-program updater. Win 10 1903.

I got the same - go to tlabs d/load page and get version 4.4.4 from there


This is an issue that I believe crept into all of our AI products as we try to improve the install/update experience. The latest update for all AI software will address this as well as a few other nagging issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.


FYI: This update bug will also affect Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI if you have them.

Looking at the list of fixes:-
v 4.4.4
October 22, 2019


  • Fixed an issue that caused Gigapixel AI to crash with face detection turned on.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Gigapixel AI to crash if more than 508 images were processed in batch.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Gigapixel AI to crash if the file name or path contained non-Latin characters.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the in-app updater to run.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Gigapixel AI to ignore the file’s orientation metadata.

I feel like deja a vue as the ones I made bold I thought I have seen “fixed” in previous version builds…some a good few versions back.

You are not wrong. The 508 and non-Latin characters bugs are both repeats that were accidentally reintroduced when face detection was added. The face detection and the in-app updater bugs are new though you are probably familiar with the in-app updater having issues in the past. With this update I’m hoping to never see any of them again; especially the 508 crash. Sorry this happened again.


I’m repeatedly getting an error when Gigapixel AI tries to update:

“Windows cannot find autoupdate.exe”

The workaround is very tedious: deinstalling and reinstalling the complete package, each time there’s an update.

I really hope there’s a solution.