AI-generated videos

Hi everyone,

Considering the different AI video platforms;
Runway, Pika, Stable Video, Haiper … etc

What are the best settings to use in TVAI? what is your experience with it?


I always use Proteus set to Auto and Apollo or Aion.

Hi, thanks for sharing. How does the output looks like?

I used Proteus mostly, but latest update I noticed “Gaia V5 - for computer generated videos” I don’t know if it was targeting AI-generated videos, but usually I use it in combination with second enhancement, based on the scene, if there’s a FACE or just plain scene without faces around. I am still trying different approaches to understand which works the best, sometimes I render 1 video 12 times with different models and combination just to understand which works the best.

Gaia is made for 3D computer generated animation movies and noise-free cartoons. It was available before AI generated movies were much of a real thing.

Uh! I’ve been using it wrong way, even though I liked the results. I need to rethink my choice I guess. So which model or combination you believe it would be beneficial to bring the best out of AI-generated videos. Thank you!

Gaia CG is a good option but, depending on your source you might actually find that Artemis HQ is great on CG as well!

Even though that’s what Gaia was made for, it can give really good results on other movies. In general, I find it to be the best at not doing anything bad with parts of videos that it doesn’t make better. The worst thing it does is ‘bake’ film grain into things. For example, if there’s a white wall, Gaia will make dark spots out of the film grain and texture the white wall.

Ok, after trying what both of you suggested, I noticed that there’s no universal model for AI-generated videos. But after trying your suggestions. I did find a great result for the AI-generated videos that contains tiny particles (Splashes, Dust, Smoke) etc… What works best at the moment is:

( Motion DeBlur + Prot + 2nd Enhancement = Gaia CG) - Default settings
You can add Apollo for frame Interpolation, I don’t know why, but it will make it clearer/sharper but some grainy texture will appear to the splashes.
My export is ProRes 422 HQ

I have tried more than 35 combination. These works best at the moment for splashes/tiny particles.