AI Deep-Sky?

AI clear and AI gigapixel produce to some amazing results when post-processing deep-sky images after preparing them with dedicated astrophoto software. The results with TopazLabs AI tools are so good, that I start to wonder whether you could come up with an AI solution trained specifically against “deep-sky images only“ data sets (e.g. from NASA), eventually this could reduce the hassle of pre-processing deep-sky images with other software substantially.
Thanks for taking it into consideration.

I was thinking the same today, there must be lots of deep sky images that are clean, it would be great to have an ‘enhance’ adding lost or unseen details to our astro photography, ideally also removing noise. I do get good results from stacking and dedicated softwares, but damn it could be so much easier?!


By the way, my typical images have the Milky-way and some foreground. I can pop a few samples here but I think you know the kind of images I mean :slight_smile: