AI Clear or AI Sharpen?

AI Clear or AI Sharpen? What’s the difference? Is it worth getting both, or which one should I get?

Ai Clear will work within your Topaz Studio version and raw photos.
For what I have tried till now, Sharpen AI, is working with my jpgs and not the raw.
If I have to praise on something, Sharpen AI, is making “less plastic” my out of focus photos.

Thank you DalsPhotography. It sounds like Ai Clear is the way to go for my raw images.

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That’s precisely what I wrote on my feedback about Sharpen Ai, (The new product) it should be working with Raw…

Sharpen AI has several functions that include camera shake and not quite focused pictures which is not the forte of AI Clear. If you open your RAW file in Topaz Studio and process it there or process it in Photoshop or Affinity Photo then go to Studio, you can call Sharpen AI in the Plugins menu. You can then sharpen it and return to Photoshop, etc. or save.

RAW photo support will be available soon in Sharpen AI according to Topaz.

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