AI Clear inconsistances

I’m using AI Clear in a pre-press, production work environment. I prepare images for offset printing. I source images from stock photography agencies and individual photographers. Invariably, I receive the images processed and resized; sometimes with some degree of noise, including jpeg artifacts. I process the images further to prepare them for reproduction, including additional resizing. In many cases, AI Clear is a fantastic plug-in, improving images that I might reject for low quality. However, I’ve noticed several instances where the the noise reduction is excessive in some areas and non-existant in others. I’ve attached a layered photoshop file as an example. The top layer is the default AI Clear adjustment, and the second is with an additional adjustment where I added grain. In this situation, noise in the background was effectively removed, but noise inside the butterfly wings was not. I’ve also noticed instances where noise has randomly been left behind in areas. I think this is a problem working with processed files, rather than on the original capture. Can this “problem” be rectified in a future release? Thanks. I want to send a Photoshop file, with the layers. How do I do that?