AI Audio Upscaler - Low quality audio sounds high quality

It would be nice to have an audio upscaler AI model within VEAI and or even a standalone audio upscaler app for music and old recordings.

Sometimes old videos have low quality audio or the original audio wasnt captured correctly or formatted correctly and sounds off. This would fix that.

I’m just chiming in to say I would absolutely love this

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Well, most DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) will allow you to “upscale” audio, by placing it into a larger container, like 32 bit float point. If you mean cleaning up bad audio or even reconstituting peaks, you can look into something like iZotope RX that specializes in that. But usually the process of audio restoration involves more than one feature and manual corrections, so I’m not sure to what extent could it be automated at this point.

If you have low quality audio in an old video, its less about “upscaling” it, because that is the easy part, the harder part is audio restoration and clean up. If you are in need of that, and you are waiting for Topaz to maybe implement something, you can look into iZotope RX, they specialize in that sort of thing and they are pretty much industry standard.

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I guess, I was referring more to audio restoration.

Thanks for telling me about iZotope RX I think that can come in handy.

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