AI Audio Upscaler - Low quality audio sounds high quality

It would be nice to have an audio upscaler AI model within VEAI and or even a standalone audio upscaler app for music and old recordings.

Sometimes old videos have low quality audio or the original audio wasnt captured correctly or formatted correctly and sounds off. This would fix that.

I’m just chiming in to say I would absolutely love this


Well, most DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) will allow you to “upscale” audio, by placing it into a larger container, like 32 bit float point. If you mean cleaning up bad audio or even reconstituting peaks, you can look into something like iZotope RX that specializes in that. But usually the process of audio restoration involves more than one feature and manual corrections, so I’m not sure to what extent could it be automated at this point.

If you have low quality audio in an old video, its less about “upscaling” it, because that is the easy part, the harder part is audio restoration and clean up. If you are in need of that, and you are waiting for Topaz to maybe implement something, you can look into iZotope RX, they specialize in that sort of thing and they are pretty much industry standard.


I guess, I was referring more to audio restoration.

Thanks for telling me about iZotope RX I think that can come in handy.

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Keep in mind this is a video enhancer not an audio enhancer. One thing I have noticed which is annoying, the audio that gets added to the upscaled video is most certainly worse quality than the original.


I am an avid user of RX-Advanced 9 (along with Diamond Cut Forensics and Adobe Audition). Me and my forensic colleagues are not very price sensitive, and we would all be active buyers of AI tools for audio super-resolution, and for the “cocktail problem”. The software must not upload case files to the cloud to be court compliant.

Indeed. Some user-oriented media players, like PowerDVD, perform a remarkable audio-upscaling (aka, audio improvement), but I don’t feel VEAI should try and venture into that territory at all. For one, it requires extremely professional software, and VEAI can’t even copy audio right, it seems.

Dunno about others, but I always demux my movies to begin with, so I can process the video first, then mux the audio back in later.

With all the outstanding 3.x issues, I say let’s concentrate on Making VEAI 3 Great Again, and not get distracted with other things.

The topic has been on my mind again today.

I have many old drum and bass podcasts (mp3) from PFRadio which was taken off the net in 2015 and contains many records that are partly no longer available because the label no longer exists or the artist has died.

This is called Audio Super Resolution and there are a few githubs for it, but not a single software as far as I know.

The most important thing would be to take out the compression, you can practically hear the blocking you can see in pictures.

It would be great to be able to restore compressed music or audio tracks to old movies from the 80s-90s. Especially from bad DVDs or video cassettes.

This is what I use. It’s limited to two channels and pretty complicated to get setup, but I really like the results. Of course, I have not used it on many low quality mp3s. Mostly I use it to declip CD audio, but also the autoEQ is pretty good at helping oldie-moldie sounding recording to sound less so.

I agree with the statement that Topaz should stay out of audio, unless they tack it on for free until it’s actually something worth buying.