Age of Aquarius

I took a rather poor shot (dull and out of focus) of this Hippie Bus from the 1969 music festival that is on display at the Woodstock Museum in NY.
I thought I’d try some Studio adjustments to see if I could enhance it.



That is a pretty good recovery :slight_smile:

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Very cool :v: :peace: :dark_sunglasses: photo and I agree with @AiDon, very nice improvements!

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Super job on the clarity …nice work

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Excellent John! That is tickling the memory banks.


John, this is first of all a great subject and secondly the treatment(s) you applied make a big difference. Very nice job!

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Great job!!

Now… I HAVE to ask… out of focus… The Hippie Museum, up in Bethel… Were they selling some “special” brownies, at the gift shop? :wink:

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A big thanks to @AiDon, @KenKv, @BobKramer, @Michigander< @Laundromatand @nnjrob65 for your very nice comments and feedback on the image.

I’m glad to hear that for some of you it brought back some memories and that you enjoyed the subject matter.
If you are ever in NY, I recommend visiting the site and museum where the festival was held. It had lots of memorabilia to see. They still do hold concerts there during the summer months as I have attended a few.

The brownies can be found in the restaurant on the grounds. :yum:

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Great job on bringing the picture back to life. Did you use AI clear as part of the process?

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Thanks @Artisan-West for your comment and yes, I used AI Clear as part of my processing.

Cool, man, cool.

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Thank you @FlickColeman