Again Gigapixel AI quality models broken (4.4.4)

The latest update of Gigapixel (4.4.4) gives unusable quality if the maximum quality AI model is on :frowning:
I only checked it with gpu on, the time with cpu only is too high. I get these results:

Left is maximum AI model on right is on. You clearly see the RGB pattern effect on 100%
I opens already a ticket (#198176) and hope for the next update. Until than the maximum AI model is off on my computer.

It seems problem is related too suppress noise. If slider is on lower level the problem also occurred with AI off, with AI on the slider could be set to max and problem ist still ther :frowning:

I just tried enlarging a jpg file by 2X using auto settings and I did not see any artifact pattern. My setting was on Max quality and high memory using a Radeon RX580 GPU on a Windows 10 machine. I have seen this in the past but it may only appear in certain pictures.

BTW, I compared the enlarged file against a previous enlargement using an earlier version of Gigapixel and I see that the picture is a bit sharper with v4.4.4

I have the same problem, as does “in_04-43582” user…

I’ve processed a number of different images, all JPG’s, with v4.4.4 and at different upscale sizes, and I’m also not seeing any artifact patterns. I included images with a fair amount of iso noise without first processing them through DenoiseAI and also the same images after processing through DenoiseAI.

Windows 10 pro, 64bit v1903, (build 18362.418), 16GB Ram, GTX1050ti 4GB
Open GL 3.3.0, Nvidia v431.86
Max Quality AI models = Yes.
Enable discrete GPU = yes

Maybe it has something to do with the OP’s image itself. Neither the format (JPG, TIFF, RAW etc) or the pixel size has been quoted. Could be interesting to get a copy of the source file to try.

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Sorry the picture shown couldn’t be uploaded public because of client restrictions.
I uploaded it to TOPAZ.
The file size is 1628x1112 and file format is 8-bit TIFF. Enlargement was made too 6720 pixel with.
And yes the problem didn’t occur on every picture, will try to find one without restriction with similar problem too upload it here.

I use lightroom to generate the TIFF to open with Gigapixel.
If I use the original TIFF directly Gigapixel crash.


Just out of interest, I took a photo, cropped it to 1628 x 1112px and exported it from Affinity Photo as an 8 bit TIFF with ICC color profile embedded, and also as an 8 bit TIFF without an embedded color profile. Gigapixel AI on a resize to 6720px didn’t produce any artifact patterns with either.

Hopefully Topaz will be able to shed some light on this.