Advise on upgrading graphics card please

Hope this hasn’t been covered too many times before…newby to Video AI but seeing that my current set up may need a fairly comprehensive upgrade to bring it up to speed…CPU, Motherboard, Ram and Graphics card…

Graphics cards seem to have gone crazy over the last couple of years…I’m currently running an Nvidia 1080 series so reckon I need to go to a 3060 or 3080?

Would any of you more experienced guys know where I should draw the line? I’m not into gaming…Photoshop and Topaz Photo Ai and Video would be my main uses - I’m reluctant to put say £200 more into a new generation card if the difference might be only 5% better than a previous model…thanks for any help / advise you can offer - regards, Tony.

What CPU do you have?

For me personally “budget variant” - 3060Ti
It has increased number of CUDA cores so useful gor AI processing.
If your system have modern fast CPU/DDR - such card anyway woulld be a bottleneck, but for home usage it is enough.
Beware of refurbished cards after mining usage. Usually they are thermally unstable.

One thing to keep in mind is that your older motherboard PCI bus version may not be a match for the later GPU cards. In that case you’ll be forced to upgrade the whole system to realize the benefits of a new card.

I second that 3060ti recommendation.

Thanks to all who responded for your advise. I jumped the gun slightly to get a deal yesterday evening so hopefully I’ve not got it horribly wrong…after support from Topaz (Thanks, Kyle) I have bought an Nvidia 3060 12GB card for just over £250 (Brand new and with a 3 yrs warranty).

I looked at the 3060 Ti variant, but it was almost 25% more expensive without a 25% increase in performance?

I appreciate that by todays standards this is hardly the dog’s doo-dahs, but I also have to accept the cards, like most computer components, are a race without a finish line and if I spend £2,000 on the best…it’s the best until the next gen cards are released in the autumn? Arrives tomorrow, so I guess the weekend will let me know if I’ve done the right thing.

Having bought quite conservatively for this card it releases money to look at motherboard, CPU and RAM to ensure I can use the card to a reasonable level!

Thank you again for your help guys! Regards, Tony

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