Adobe warns of Copyright issues with old versions of CC apps

(Don) #1

Not sure what this means, it is quite strange … Does it apply to perpetual licences also? Because I notice there are no previous downloads of Lightroom, Design Versions, Acrobat or PS etc. available for download.

(Linda) #2

@AiDon I received an email from Adobe citing this situation. Found it very odd, particularly the mention: “Please be aware that should you use the discontinued version(s), you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties.” Sounds like they have sold off older versions. Really odd…

(Don) #3

I wonder if it is something to do with Dolby as I noticed they no longer are involved with Adobe, or you could be right that they have sold off their previous products because none are available now. Even though I don’t use Adobe much now I still have the latest copies of Design Standard CS6 and Lightroom 6 as backups.

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(ScottO) #4

Shaking my head …

So yeah, it looks like prior to CC, Adobe licensed Dolby software for use in several of its applications. At that time, there was a one-to-one ratio of Adobe sales and Dolby licensing, i.e. you buy a copy of PS, Dolby gets a royalty, you buy LR, they get another royalty. In comes CC, and Adobe starts selling subscriptions to multiple applications as a single product. So from Adobe’s perspective, that’s a single sale, but from Dolby’s perspective it’s two or more sales. It looks like Adobe and Dolby didn’t resolve how the royalties should be handled in the new cloud environment, and Dolby is suing. This situation could apply to any other third parties that provide software to Adobe.

It seems insane that users could somehow be sued by third parties for this. It’s completely behind the scenes business between Adobe and the third parties.

To me, this is just ANOTHER example of the negatives of the subscription software model far out waying any of its positives.

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