Adjust AI

Please add crop tool to Adjust AI.
With other photo enhancing AIwares (if I can use such a term !) I can say good bye to other editing softwares. Please do consider

Adust-AI has seen zero significant functional updates since it was introduced, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think it had one minor maintenance update last year. There are defects that have been there since the beginning that still aren’t fixed.

For cropping you can use numerous other tools. IrFanview is a free one. Affinity Photo is what I use. Not free, but inexpensive.

I would say the chance of crop functionality being added to Adjust-AI are close to zero.

Yeah, Topaz Adjust AI is basically abandoned. A real shame, it could have been a fantastic competitor to the Luminar line of products from Skylum.

I asked before. Anser: no necessary


There are literally hundreds of apps that can crop an image (many free).

Isn’t this easily solved with one of them?