Adjust AI v1.0.5

Hello all, new here. Although I am not a power-user I hope to be a little helpful. I was just playing around with Adjust AI and found that the sliders do not seem to work properly. When you move a slider, the numbers in the little box should follow. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t and just stay at 0.00. The same with double clicking to bring the slider back to its starting position. It does not always work and even if it works the numbers in the box also do not always follow.

I am on an iMacPro with MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Its been a long time since we have any updates with Adjust AI and Topaz Studio. I for one am looking forward to testing these products.

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Adjust AI is not a product I would use too much, if at all. I always find that it adds too much noise. Sharpen AI does a far better better job, in my opinion

I just tried a picture on my Windows 10 PC and the sliders and reset all worked correctly. It may be a Mac version issue or your installation.

I use Adjust on an iMac without seeing any slider anomalies - I like it better than Sharpen, it’s faster, more versatile and thankfully doesn’t have 20 updates a day like Sharpen though it could probably do with one now. One of the forgotten ones.

Well I tried it again and again and the results are more or less the same. It is mainly the double click to bring the slider back to 0.00 which simply does not work the way it should. I made a quicktime movie but unfortunately I cannot upload it here. Clicking twice never works, clicking 10 times might work, it is erratic. Moreover the numbers in the box do not go back to 0.00 but to 0.01.

Sorry, but the sliders work perfectly for me too (Windows 10). I suggest you raise a support ticket on the main website.

Thanks, I just did that!

Just a note on clicking to reset a slider. You only need to click once on the slider name to return it to zero. don’t click on the slider itself. You may try uninstall and reinstall to see if that fixes the problem. If reinstalling, use a fresh download.

Thank you Artisan-West, that solves my problem. In every other software I have, not only photo, you click twice on a slider to bring it back to its default position. So that is what got me confused, I thought it was the same here. Strange thing is that doing that, albeit repeatedly, also brings the slider more or less back to its starting point. Anyway problem completely solved, there is no bug. Thanks again!

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Just got a reply from support that they will nevertheless be looking at this because the fact that I am able to get the slider go back to 0 by repeatedly fast clicking the little circle on the slider itself should not happen.