Adjust AI dont make uniform adjustments

Hi, made automatic adjustments with Adjust AI for panorama images and notice that dont adjust in a uniform way. See below:

There in Adjust AI some feature to avoid this? These image is to be used as 360 panorama, after Adjust AI, it darks in the end and is lighter in the beginning so when used as 360 look like that. Before applied Adjust AI was just fine.

Thanks very much

Is that in the original?

What Auto Adjustments are you using?

The image before was after applying Adjust AI with this settings:

For this because the image has a 2:1 aspect ratio as the field-of-view is 360° x 180° … please raise a support request at the main website to see if they can add support. Remember though that 360 panorama images need special viewers and probably Adjust flattens the image.

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