Adjust AI barely working


It seems I am having some strange issues with AAI (updated today to 1.0.3, they had been there with the earlier version as well):

  • Out of all presets, only a few is loaded - for the rest just ‘loading’ ticker is rotating
  • Auto Adjust AI buttons do nothing when clicked (sliders do not change values; Strength/Opacity are set to 1.00)
  • Fit/100%/magnification slider/all adjustment sliders do nothing when Auto Adjust AI is set to Standard or HDR Style

May be relevant - AAI installed as administrator and used as standard user; hw: i5-3570K/16GB RAM/AMD RX 580 8GB

Is there any solution for the above?

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It sounds as though you aren’t using the right GPU.

If you have switchable graphics, i.e. more than one GPU on your machine, make sure the right one is being used for Adjust AI.

If this is so instructions on how to set up switchable graphics is here:

I have IGP disabled in BIOS. Also both GPU-Z an Windows Device Manager show one graphics device.

All I can suggest now is that you raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website as what you are experiencing is not normal.

Sorry, I forgot to ask if your GPU drivers are up to date from the AMD web site.

I’ve just updated all AMD stuff the the latest and greatest & rebooted, but no change :frowning:

I had the exact same issue within the last 2-3 days with an AMD RX570 system. Oddly, a secondary iGPU test system was still working.

All I can say is it is NOT the std canned answers:

~ wrong GPU
~ driver updates

I un-installed TAI and re-installed and it magically started working again. During this interim I had enabled the trace log for debugging, but (unhelpfully) the application doesn’t tell you where it is writing the file so I’m still looking for it.

Nice tip with the log - it is in C:\Users<your user>\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs\Topaz Adjust AI\Logs.
I can see some ERRORs and Warnings there, I think I’ll try to reinstall and then open support case if it doesn’t rectify the issue.

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Found the (hidden) AppData directory and associated logs.

Completely new computer - the same issues. Eventually raised a ticket.

I assume AAI = Adjust AI and you will by now have updated to the current version 1.0.5

As far as I recall, Auto Adjust, either standard or HDR has never changed the slider position in Adjust AI like the Auto button does in Sharpen AI, but the two auto functions do change the image here.
In Sharpen AI, the Auto function overrides the manual sliders, in Adjust AI it doesn’t.

I’m not experiencing any of the other issues you referred to in your original post, on a Windows 10 Pro (1909, build 18363.535), i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, GTX1050ti 4GB graphics card.

Right, Adjust AI, upgraded to 1.0.5 along with all possible OS drivers.
Auto Adjust does not change image here. Clicking Standard or HDR Style does nothing - not even a spike in CPU/GPU load. Same goes for the other related problem.
My current platform is Ryzen 3700X + Vega 56

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Strange, and definitely not normal. When either standard or HDR buttons are clicked here there is a lift in both the CPU and GPU load.

One point to clarify, when you click on either of the two auto options do you see the processing indicator?.


Just take a look (9 MB, safe content):

Have you raised a support request at the Topaz Labs main website yet? If not please do.

The processing indicator is not showing at all in your video, not even when the presets are are being processed. Compare with this video

I can only suggest (if you haven’t already tried it), a complete un-install/re-intall of Adjust AI using the default drive and folders.

A support ticket is already opened.
They advised reinstall, so I did it and it fixed the problem ONLY for administrator user.
On a standard account all the issues remain, plus AAI did not create icons for all users.
Other Topaz software I have (Studio 2/ SharpenAI/ Denose AI) don’t have such problems on my machine.

Try running the installer with administrator privileges by right clicking and selecting Run as administrator.

That was my initial way of installation and it didn’t work (original problems).

Got feedback from support - fix is currently in development

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