Adjust AI and Wacom Tablet

Hi, I had a problem with Adjust AI not working with my Wacom Tablet a tablet that works with everything else from Topaz Sharpen,Studio2,Gigalixel,Mask AI, Adobe Lightroom 6, On1 2021, QiMage ultimate and so on, I asked the tech dept here at Topaz and the answer I got was and I quote “Our products are not fully Wacom compatible so they may or may not work with your tablet.” now Adjust AI was released back in June 2019 (correct me if I am wrong) and is the only product that does not seem to work with my tablet and as having to swap from tablet to mouse is not very convenient, the responder to the problem at Topaz tech gave the normal reply in the end of our contact “I will mark your ticket as a feature request for our developers to review during our next planning phase” that is like saying “Will sort it Wednesday” but not actually telling you what Wednesday that will be, next Wednesday or Wednesday June 30th next year two years after it’s release date. Just cannot see how this can not be easy to resolve quickly as I stated the tablet and pen work fine with everything else. Thankyou Russ.

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Sorry but why move this to the tech dept when I already stated in the OP ‘Quote’ I asked the tech dept here at Topaz. I was looking for answers from the people who no more about the problems softwares throw up THE USERS as they often find work arounds. Thankyou.

Fixed it myself.