Adjust AI 1.0.6 Plugin - Crashes Ps 2021

I had a number of, rptd, install issues (Win 10 full & online installers) with this release of AAI.

I finally uninstalled 1.0.5 to eliminate having 2 concurrent releases on my Win 10 PC b/c 1.0.6 didn’t uninstall 1.0.5 & placed it in a different program folder.

After the uninstall of 1.0.5 I re-installed 1.0.6. With all host programs closed during all that.

Now, every time I try to launch the AAI1.0.6 plugin (in Ps 2021 rel. 22.4.2) I get an Error Msg & Topaz AAI plugin crashes force closes Ps 2021. A fix is needed…

Update Later Saturday: I had already run uninstalls (1.0.5 & 1.0.6) and re-installs (1.0.6) and still got the error msg above. I tried one more time today to uninstall 1.0.6 then re-install it. Now the plugin is working again. Having had the double program releases installed initially really did a number. So, be sure to uninstall 1.0.5 (or earlier) before installing 1.0.6.

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Where did you get 1.0.6? I’ve seen the Beta 1.0.6b, but not the production version anywhere. Was it released and pulled back?

Go to the Downloads section on the main website, remember to uninstall the previous version completely before installing.

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Tx AiDon, got it :slight_smile:

Don, perhpas you can guide me. I installed the latest version Adjust AI on a new M1 MacBook Air. It does not show up as a filter in PS. It did show up in LR but when I invoked it I just got the spinning ball. I tried running it as a stand alone and the very same thing. I uninstalled it.
Subsequently installed the lates Beta version and it does not show up in either LR or PS.
I am running OSX 11.4.
Thank you very much.

No problems, first close down PS to hen make sure that ALL versions are uninstalled from your Mac.

Also make sure the LR external editor preset is deleted.

Then, with PS still closed, reinstall.

Thanks Don. When I installed the latest versions of Denoise and Sharpen they showed up in Filters in PS. I will follow your instructions and do the same with Adjust AI. Many thanks!!

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