Adjust a series of photos to a matching appearance

I have a series of portraits taken on film many years ago that I recently scanned in order to include in a book. Same subject and same setting. So you would think that the scans would all come out almost identical. They are close, but not quite matching enough to be included side by side without noticing the difference. I’m looking for a technique to make them all the same. So as I see it applying the same correction to all would not do what I want since they all start out just a bit different. This would be more a matter of, for example, taking a section of the background from one and then applying a correction to each of the other images to make the backgrounds the same. I’m just not sure of a way to do that. Any suggestions? Or, is it just not possible?

Hi @larry-8961, this may be what you are looking for – if you right-click a photo in your processing queue and then go to Apply > Current Settings to All this will apply the same settings for one image to the rest of the images in your queue;


Hello Preston –

I had seen that feature and while it’s very useful it doesn’t quite do what I wanted. Specifically, I have a series of images all portraits of the same subject, under the same, or almost the same, conditions, but which ended up with subtle differences when scanned. These are 30 + year old film images. The differences could be just due to slight differences in the aging of the originals, or something to do with the scanning, but that really doesn’t matter. Printed and displayed as individual images each of these would be just fine. However, I’m preparing a book for this person that will have pairs of images displayed on opposite pages and in this case the small differences will be obvious. I was looking for a feature, yet to come it seems, by which I could pull a sample say from the background of one image and then have an IA process individually identify that same background in successive images and make specific adjustments to those images to match the sample. Challenging, I know. Maybe the next super feature?

In any case I spent the weekend manually adjusting to get the several dozen images as close as I can manage.

Thanks for your reply.

Larry Luckham


Ahh, thanks for expounding a bit, I understand a bit better now :slight_smile: I’ve moved this thread from ‘General’ to ‘Ideas’!