Adding realistic motion blur to videos shot in high shutter speed?

I think it would be really useful . So far rsmb is considered the best way but it has limitations and doesnt look realistic to me.

An interesting idea.
Blender, when it renders computer generated movies, by default, it has no motion blur. To add it, it has to generate a bunch of in-between frames then blend them. It has absolute control over motion and speed, so it has the information to do it.
For TVAI to do something similar, you could run it though 16X slomo. No idea what program to use to blend the images though. (Blender probably can, but I’m not sure how to tell it to do that. [I would also not be surprised if ffmpeg can do it. In that case, Topaz could make commands to automate it.])

EDIT: I missed the part in the title where you specify high shutter speed. In that case, the in-between frames are probably already there.