Adding Logo Text in Topaz Studio

Adding your logo or any repetitive text can be accomplished in Studio by adding it as a Texture layer. I’d been adding it after bringing a completed image back to my editor. Create an image with a transparent background, add the desired text in the general area of where you want it to appear and save it as a png. Open Studio’s Texture Manager and import it.
It then can be added to any image. Unlocking its aspect will allow adjusting where the text falls if necessary and colors can be changed to a degree.


Yes a great idea, my images are the same and you can use different blend modes to change the color of the text or even add a color overlay, apply and use that copy.


It is a good idea. Unfortunately, for mac, transparency in Studio is still not working. Unless there is an alternative to png…?

Thanks, that is a great idea!

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I tried it in a couple of universal formats that are supposed to preserve transparency without success. At this point, the Texture Manager can only import an existing file so it must retain the transparency when saved. However, if you can create a transparent layer, without saving a file, the layer should be able to be processed in Studio. I don’t see it as helpful in reducing workflow unless it’s something going to be used repetitively on photos. The transparent image can be added as an image layer. It can be copied and applied.

Thanks for the pointer. Have used several different ways to place a trademark into my imagery with varied success. This makes it fairly easy to do consistently and simply.

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