Adding all AI models in the installation

I’ve seen many people complaining (I’m included) how the program needs to download model files to run. Why not just have an option in the installer wizard to add all the possible models in the installation or to download them as needed? This would save a lot of time for people with slow internet connections like myself and those who want to use the program offline can do so after the installation is done.
It would be great if version 3 could have this so I don’t have to spend hours getting all the models downloaded after the installation and just have them all in when it’s done.

I do not get the attraction for this feature request. There are like 20+ models. Let us say that each model is about 1 gigabyte… So you want the option to download a 20+ GB installer on slow internet? They way they have implemented the model downloader is optimal. It only downloads the model once and saves it until the user deletes it. If they happen to release a new model, users can just download it right away.

20 gb is a lot but once it’s done, it’s done and you’ll never have to download a single model while you use the program unless there is a new one. The installer could also be downloaded in a few minutes somewhere where there’s a broadband connection like in a mall or airport. The point is it’s a one time thing.

This would be more interesting if model updates were available as differentials from the original downloads. This assumes that differential update files would be smaller than the originals, of course.