Add version information to clip metadata

I had to learn that obviously identical settings (model, model-parameter, export settings, and even ffmpeg command lines) can create different files, when using different versions of TVAI.

To make results reproducible, I think, it would make sense to add the version number of TVAI to the field VIDEOAI in container metadata of exported files, preferably with the next public release.

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I see that my proposal has been reviewed, but I don’t understand exactly what that means.

Would you mind telling if there is a chance to see this feature implemented anytime soon?

I think it just means someone from Topaz has looked at it. If you had put it in the ideas section, we could vote on it. Pretty much anything with over 10 votes gets serious consideration… even if it takes three years to come out with the first rough draft of implementation.

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Just looking at it isn’t enough. That doesn’t rectify the effort for writing such notes. I hoped to get feedback from Topaz, but see that there seem to be more issues than the team apparently can handle in a reasonable period of time.

As it stands now, I will fall back to 4.2.2. and stay there for a while. I might continue looking at future releases to see if the most basic flaws are fixed.