Add VapourSynth support

Being able to drop in a VapourSynth (.vpy) script, as input, would be very useful; especially since TVAI still can’t do cropping.

Cropping works as I would expect it to. Maybe it has to do with the output type? I’m doing png here, but I think containers like mp4 have resolution limits.

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Crop work ! there is a crop button at the bottom left for that !

as Avisynth is not supported because of licensing issue, i have very high doubt that vapoursynth would be supported as well in a near future.

Okay, now I’m confused. :slight_smile: It was AviSynth that was supported in 2.6.4. :slight_smile: It’s just that VapourSynth is much better, and AviSynth is kinda obsolete these days.

AviSynth, is stil supported by 2.6.4 right ?

when talking about “not supported”, we’re talking about Video Ai 3.0x, right ?
if vapoursynth use the same licence as avisynth (something i don’t know), the issue with topaz will stay the same. The problem is from what i remember is an issue related to ffmpeg way of licence, it has some consequencies on third party component. so no matter it’s better, certainly the issue will stay the same. I remember one of the dev telling that they’ll try to find a workaround, but no promise, and it’s not on roadmap / future plans.

personnally i use Staxrip / vapoursynth / QTGMC for de-interlacing.

Yes, we’re talking v3. But are you saying AviSynth is no longer supported in TVAI? (v3) Oh well, since Crop is there, after all, I guess the need for a VapourSynth input script has decreased.

crop button in VideoAi 3.x is there since a long time now. it was available in an early beta before the release.
yes, Avisynth is not supported in TVAi 3.x due to licence issue between TVAi , ffmpeg and Avisynth, it has been explained maybe a dozen of time by the devs… just do a seach on the forum.

gregory.maddra said :
“Unfortunately we cannot distribute a version of FFmpeg with GPL codecs enabled. We’ve reached out to some of the more popular FFmpeg build scripts to see if they’d be willing to have support for our filters as a solution, but it may be a while before that’s ready. Once they’re done, however, you should be able to replace the bundled copy with one with your desired features.
In the meantime, for anyone feeling adventurous, the redistributables for our filters are available on our GitHub”