Add TGA image sequence support

It would be great to support TGA image sequences if possible please.

Pretty sure ffmpeg already can manipulate TGA files. It would be pretty easy to add that into the GUI.

ffmpeg does support TGA/Targa files.

Sorry about my misplaced confidence…
This seems to mention it being possible with some potential pit-falls.

Oh I read that wrong. I thought you said it does not. Either way, it might not be the easiest thing, like I thought.

At first I’ve said ffmpeg does not support TGA files, but then I’ve remember that TGA is also know as Targa, so I’ve edited my comment after searching for Targa in the ffmpeg encoders list.

Encoder targa [Truevision Targa image]:
General capabilities: dr1
Threading capabilities: none
Supported pixel formats: bgr24 bgra rgb555le gray pal8
targa AVOptions:
-rle E…V… Use run-length compression (from 0 to 1) (default 1)

TGA output in the GUI… Not tested…
“text”: “TGA”,
“encoder”: “-c:v targa -pix_fmt rgb555le”,
“ext”: [
“isImage”: true

Change -pix_fmt to your preferred color space of the ones available:::