Add some kind of tooltip for when we select an output resolution higher than 1x

The workflow mentioned for the 4.2.2 release is good, but I would like to see some kind of tooltip when someone selects 2x or 4x in the inspector.

I personally know how how navigate in resolve, and even if I forget the workflow mentioned :

How to use 2x and 4x upscaling in DaVinci Resolve OFX Plugin:

  1. Create a new timeline that matches the desired output resolution for your video.
  2. Set the timeline to "center crop without resizing in the Timeline Settings panel.
  3. Apply the Enhance effect to any clips that require upscaling to the Edit panel in Resolve. (The plugin will not show scale modes in a Color node.)
  4. Select 2x or 4x scaling, an AI model, and a parameter mode.
  5. If your desired output resolution is not exactly 200% or 400% the size of the input video, use Resolve’s transform tools to crop/fit the video to the timeline.

I know how to make it work. But many people can be confused as why their footage is zoomed in the viewer. I think there is enough space in the Inspector to maybe add a small explanation on how the plugin works.

And I think that the info displayed when we are hovering on the text should be more descriptive.
Not because Output Resolution is not logical enough already, but it could helps those who are really not tech savvy to understand better what some of the options do.