Add real film grain instead of video noise

I’d love to see the option of adding actual scanned film grain instead of the current option which is closer to being described as monochromatic noise.

There are companies like Gorilla Grain that offer high quality grain for compositing over video clips. I’d love to see this capability built into VEAI. Even if it were a bring-your-own grain option that allows you to select an external file of grain for VEIA to loop and overlay composite as part of the output.

That’d be nice!!

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I had a look at the examples on Gorilla Grain’s website. I can’t say I was overly impressed but I am in the camp of quality, crisp video. When I go into my back garden I don’t see grain or noise! I’m welcome to be proved otherwise though.

yes the current grain is monochromatic, luma based, black and white grain and it makes whites and bright colors like skies and clouds extra grainy compared to darker scenes with darker colors where it’s almost not even noticeable that it’s there.

Chroma based grain would look much better and make it much easier to strike a balance with grain amount. Currently it’s just frustrating because can’t balance it. You either have extra grainy brights or not enough grain at all.