Add NotchLC Codec for Export

My name is Drew and I am a Media Server Programmer/Operator. As much as I love ProRes, all high end media servers are Windows based and preform best using Notch LC. If I could export to Notch, I believe Video AI would completely replace Adobe Media Encoder in my, and others, workflow.


I remember all the hype and promises about this codec 4 years ago.
No release in the past 4 years, supports only quicktime 7 ( 8 years old ) and adobe CC products.
Also seems any updates they might do as of April 2023 will only be part of Notch Builder, their own $2000 per year NLE.

Looks like someone made a decoder for it in FFMPEG, once upon a time. Found a quote on a Notch forum from 2019 that says they have no plans of creating a CLI encoder.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say NotchLC is only still around because of the few companies that buy into it. The sheer amount of the price tag probably keeps them from forcing everyone to replace it with ProRez.

Ahh copy that, thanks y’all.