Add noise vs. grain - what's the difference?

Video AI v3.1.9
M1 Mac Ultra
macOS 12.6.3

I have not found an answer yet, is there a specific use for the “add noise” option? Adding colour noise seems odd in the enhancement process - usually, we try to remove it. Adding grain after processing I understand to mimic film look and smooth gradients. So, what’s the difference for “adding noise”? At least with lower bitrates, it creates awful compression artefacts :slight_smile:

noise is added before processing to enable video ai to get rid of compression artifacts better. grain is added after processing to get a different look into the video.

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@Imo Do you really feel (based on your experience) that adding noise before processing really enhance the video quality after it’s fully processed?
if so, what settings of add noise do you usually use?

Yes, it helps getting rid of the blocky compression artifacts. I suggest to start with very low values and then preview some scenes.

what value you usually use?

me according to my experience, by adding 1 or 2 max, it can remove some artifacts but the more you add, the more it removes details, and the image becomes less clear.